27 Keyword Research Tools Every Marketer Should Know

SEO all around the world take part in the endless chase for right keywords. These keywords play a crucial part in getting tons of traffic to websites and it brings a solid revenue as result.

However, sometimes it is rather hard to target a specific keyword for your niche. I believe you agree with me that “reading coffee grounds” is not a great idea. Especially, when it comes to getting more traffic to your own website.

If you have a perfect gut feeling and you can predict what keyword will bring you traffic, then you can stop reading this post. But if you are an ordinary man who is afraid of being mistaken, thus you should check out keyword research tools I want to introduce in this post.

The only thing you will have to do is to decide for yourself which tool fits you the most.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer 2.0

Ahrefs has recently released a new keyword research tool. It is pretty handy in use and is good for searching keywords you need.


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