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Wanted To Hire Magento Developer? The 10 Things You Should Ask!

Website’s features plan- Ready!

The technology to use- Decided!

The website development- Finalized to outsource!

The team hired for the Magento development- NO!

How are you going to hire the team? Don’t know, right. Perhaps, you are going to Google and then select the one. But, one more thing is ready to amaze you. What’s that? When you will search Magento development on the internet, NINE Million results you will get. On the LinkedIn, the gazillion gr

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Magento Common Issues And Step by Step Solutions

You need a strong team of Magento developers to solve most common issues taking place, and hiring Magento development company will consistently answer your inquiries on Magento itself. We have gathered the most common problems arising in user minds in order to address them. Let us check them out.

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable Error

In the event that you have 503 message in your program and can’t get to frontend or backend, go to your Magento root installation, discov

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5 Ways to make WordPress website faster

Website speed is more important for traffic, Google search engine ranking. Also, it improves user experience and results in happy visitors. How to measure site speed? There are several tools to measure site speed used by professional WordPress development companies.

  • Google Page Insight
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix

We can also access the site speed behavior from Google Analytics Dashboard.

How To improve WordPress site speed

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