Wanted To Hire Magento Developer? The 10 Things You Should Ask!

Website’s features plan- Ready!

The technology to use- Decided!

The website development- Finalized to outsource!

The team hired for the Magento development- NO!

How are you going to hire the team? Don’t know, right. Perhaps, you are going to Google and then select the one. But, one more thing is ready to amaze you. What’s that? When you will search Magento development on the internet, NINE Million results you will get. On the LinkedIn, the gazillion groups you will get.

Now, the things are becoming complex and difficult as easier they said.

The task of hiring Magento development team is really a hard nut to crack and that’s important enough as it can make or break your project success.

What’s next? How will you hire the best Magento development team? What things you will consider? To better answer all the questions, here the list of important things to do is enlisted:

1) Are you a certified Magento development team?

Magento offers some of the certifications like- certified developer and developer plus, front end developer and more that differentiate the developers and illustrate how the company is good in Magento 2 development. Do check the professional certifications at least once.

2) The experience they have

The Magento development experience is a must have. You can check whether they are lying or not with a trick that Magento developer will not have experience of more than 5 years as the platform was launched in 2011. Don’t forget the Magento 2 development as well. Be smart!

3) The company portfolio

Live projects are the reflection and the right assessment of the team’s true development and designing prowess. Looking at the portfolio, you will get an idea whether shortlisting the company is the best choice or not.

4) References you should ask for

Checking the portfolio is not enough, instead, you should ask for the references and call them to get better knowledge about the company. The references may provide you some information that company may be hiding

5) Development time and development price- Win win ratio?

Knowing the company’s estimate in advance about the man hours required for the project is necessary because there are chances that the company may guarantee you to complete the project in less time, but may charge you more.

6) How brilliant at Magento development technical aspects?

The team’s efficiency for Magento 2 performance optimization, extension integration, and mobile optimization need to be ensured as high loading speed uplift the conversion rate and responsive website aids in grabbing the mobile customers.

7) Hosting the Magento 2 website on cloud

Storing loads of data on the local server is expensive and extremely taxing. That’s where hosting the website on a preferred cloud server is the better option as it is scalable, keep multiple backups, reduce capital expenditure and reliable. Hire the Magento 2 development team who is well-versed in cloud hosting.

8) Bring in organic traffic to the online store

The website SEO optimization cannot be overlooked as SEO optimized increase the traffic volume to the website. Make certain the developers include SEO fundamental in your website such as heading tags, ALT image tags, 301 and 404 redirects, permalinks, and user-generated reviews.

9) Website designing- don’t forget!

Every business expects the website UI that reflects their brand value and image. Ensure that team can do custom designing and integrate the themes tailor-made to your business needs, instead of incorporating just Magento 2 default theme and templates. Otherwise, you will end up building the website with the interface that’s already available in the market.

10) On-going support and maintenance

You may have the need of Magento development team, even after the project completion. Make certain that certified Magento developers take the responsibility of keeping your website up with continuous maintenance and regular updates. Also, help you when you need their assistance.

Now, you are pretty clear with all the things to do or questions to ask.

But, I have something to say. WebStair Technology will be a perfect choice for you. Certainly, you need the answer to why the WebStair Technology is the best for Magento development?

The ideal yardstick to measure the WebStair Technology Magento team’s fitness for your Magento project is to simply ask all the questions to our team and then decide it by yourself. Alongside, the wealth of expertise and experience in Magento development, the team develop and design the applications what customers like the most after listening and understanding the business requirements first.


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